Better Roots RootBoost Serum


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What It Is

The EVOLVh Better Roots RootBoost Serum is a fast absorbing, oil-free, scalp serum that nourishes hair follicles and scalp skin in support of healthy hair regrowth, including the appearance of thicker, fuller hair and a hydrated soothed scalp.

Ten clean clinically proven active ingredients work together to stimulate hair follicles and surrounding skin cells to promote the appearance of thicker, fuller hair, reduce excess shedding and graying, and support overall improved scalp wellness.

What It Does
  • Rejuvenates follicles for the appearance of thicker, fuller hair 
  • Strengthens anchorage to reduce shedding 
  • Hydrates and nourishes scalp skin to reduce inflammation 
  • Absorbs instantly into the scalp, making it an ideal choice for those with fine hair.
How to Use

How to use on scalp: Start with 1⁄4 dropper applying product directly onto scalp and massaging into the skin with fingers adding more oil as needed. The ideal time use the oil on the scalp is 30 minutes prior to washing hair to give the active ingredients in the oil time to fully absorb. 

How to use on the hair: Start with 1⁄4 dropper, apply first on palm or fingers and then rake through hair. Apply to  damp hair before heat styling or on dry hair to refresh and moisturize, reduce frizz, and to hydrate dry ends.

Full Ingredients

Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Alpine Rose Stem Cells, Pea Sprout Extract, Amla Fruit Extract, Copper Tripeptide, Basil Root Extract, Mushroom Beta Glucan, Red Willow Bark Ferment, Prickly Pear Extract, Chios Mandarin Extract

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