So, Why Clean Beauty?
A few years ago, I started to "get curious" & began challenging the every-day items I was adding to my cart without even thinking about it. I was absolutely SHOCKED to find the lack of regulation in America surrounding ingredients that are allowed to be used in beauty products. Did you know that only 30 ingredients are band from our personal care products within the US, while 1,600 are banded in Europe, and 600 in Canada? Known carcinogens are being used in so many products, legally, who are known to cause cancers, and disrupt hormones. Can you believe it? 
My Story 
In my teenage years, I loved to sun bath, and (unfortunately) failed to protect my skin from harmful sun rays. As a result I struggle with UV/sun damage & also had a skin cancer spot removed at the age of 31. 
In 2019, after the birth of our son, I became plagued by skin issues wouldn't seem to subside. Being 35 years old, and dealing with some relentless skin issues, I was lead down a path to find products to help my hyper pigmentation, acne, scaring, and uneven skin tone. I was forced to deal with the terrible process of having to find products with better ingredients which also performed. Not an easy task! My obsession with clean skincare & the concept for The Beauty Niche was born. A platform to find "niche" clean beauty products that work!
The after effect of hormonal acne, and hyperpigmentation | April 2021
Results after clean, concentrated products | September 2021
In my journey to find the perfect products, I found a vast number of clean beauty brands that are SO impressive. As a small business owner myself, I absolutely love partnering with our indie beauty partners who have put their heart and soul into these wonderful products featured in our online collection. Through my personal experiences, I've made it my mission to help others find exactly what they need for your specific skincare & makeup needs. 
Thanks for visiting!
XOXO, Dyana