In the spirit of promoting the best of the best within the clean beauty industry, I wanted to dedicate a small section of The Beauty Niche to talk about a brand that got me hooked on cleaner products: Beautycounter.
Why Beautycounter?
After having my son, Beautycounter was the first company that opened my eyes to the amount of toxic ingredients still found in products today. I'm a partnering consultant with Beautycounter aside from running The Beauty Niche. They have some of the best products in the league! 
So why did you start The Beauty Niche?
Well, because... why not talk about ALL the wonderful clean beauty brands available today?! Most of us use a mixture of so many brands to keep our skin happy. I love seeing so many emerging brands that have unique, and cleaner options to choose from! Cleaner beauty products are becoming the new-normal, which we love to see!

What are your honest favorites from Beautycounter?

Here's my top choices that are definitely worth a try!

#11: The Clean Deo.

This deodorant is a high-quality favorite of mine. Beware - if your body is not already used to a clean/natural deodorant, it will probably take a few days for your body to "detox." Once you've used this deo for a few days, it works like magic! Not only does it do a good job of keep the stench at bay, it also doesn't leave stain marks on your shirt like many other clean deodorants that I've tried. My personally favorite scent is the Fresh Coconut!

#10: Melting Body Balm

This was the very first product I ever tried from Beautycounter! It literally smells like a vacation oasis! This is a mut-have for the cold months in particular. I like to use this one on my hands, and other extreme dry spots. It has a very oil/balmy texture and melts into the skin. A truly dreamy product.

#9: Glow First Priming Serum
#8: Cream Blush
#7: Brow Gel
#6: Reflect Effect Mask
#5: Dew Skin
#4: Beyond Gloss 
#3: Overnight Resurfacing Peel 
#2: Cleansing Balm
#1: Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Lotion Set
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