When purchasing skincare, it's hard to know what to use, and in what order. Do you have to use 5+ products each day? No! However, we recommend using at least a cleanser, moisturizer every morning and night + SPF every morning!

Here's our recommended skincare routine order of operation: 

Cleanse Every Day & Night: Products to help keep the dirt and bacteria away! Make sure to cleanse (or double cleanse) your face every morning and night!

Toner (optional) Every Day & Night : Using a toner on your face helps minimize pores, and creates a "canvas" for the rest of your skincare routine. Toners are also great to use as a mid-day "refresh" for your skin!

Exfoliations/Scrub Treatments (optional) 1-2x per week: These are physical exfoliant products that help get rid of dry, dead skin cells. They will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft afterwards! We recommend using these sparingly 1-2x per week, especially for sensitive skin.

Mask Treatments (optional) 1-3x per week: Another concentrated treatment aimed at combating specific skincare needs. Most masks should be used 1-3x per week (reference directions for use on each product as they can vary).

Treatment Serum (optional) Every Day & Night: These are concentrated products that are designed for targeted skincare needs. Whether you're looking to combat skins of aging, acne, oil, etc. Serums and treatments will help enhance results!

Eye Treatment (optional) Every Day & Night: These are concentrated formulas designed to help protect the delicate eye area. These formulas work hard to help combat signs of aging, and increase firmness. 

Moisturize Every Day & Night: This is an important step! After washing your face, your skin needs moisture to help balance the skin, and protect it from free radicals, and other harmful toxins. 

SPF Protection Every Day: Don't forget to use SPF daily to help protect your skin against sun damage!